Fragmente utile (raportul filosofie-film)

În Prefața lucrării sale, „Shadow Philosophy: Plato’s Cave and Cinema”, Nathan Andersen consideră că scenariul descris în celebrul „mit al peșterii” reprezintă „one of the most famous images from the history of philosophy.” „Plato’s allegory of the cave, whose depiction of the condition of everyday life resembles nothing so much as the contemporary experience of watching movies. In fact, similar imagery is found and related themes explored in quite a number of relatively recent movies, especially science fiction films such as The Matrix or Total Recall, in which a leading character discovers that the world as he thought he knew it was a lie, an illusion. The ease with which the cinema depicts distortions of reality, giving weight to skeptical concerns that might seem abstract and unreal when described in the terminology of old books, has led a number of philosophers to become encouraged by the pedagogical merits of using film in the philosophy classroom.”

„Films naturally illustrate a wide range of philosophical issues, ranging from questions having to do with the conundrums of time travel, the relation between mind and body and the nature of personal identity, to ethical and aesthetic questions. In the past decade or so, a wide range of studies have appeared considering the scenarios presented in films and
television programs as examples and illustrations of traditional philosophical themes. The approach to film that treats it as a source of illustrations and examples to introduce and explore philosophical themes – developed independently of reflections on cinema – has been described variously as “Film and Philosophy” or “Film as Illustration.”




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